Nioh Getting Final Demo This Weekend

Team Ninja's action-RPG Nioh is just a few weeks away from release and, in preparation, the studio have one last trial for PS4 players to try out. 'The Last Chance Trial,' as it's aptly named, will be available to play January 21-22 and can be pre-lo...

Sylvio Review

A game about ghost hunting and capturing EVP recordings? Uh, hell yeah, I'm there.

Power Hover Review

From it gorgeous environments that will bring back memories of games past to its exceptional sound design, Power Hover is everything you can ask for from a game of its calibre.

2064: Read Only Memories Review

In the same way that a certain Michael J. Fox might be tempted to take a trip to the past in order to secure the future survival of his existence, 2064: Read On...

The Gaming Trends of 2017

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for gamers, with a lot of games and devices slated for release. Join us as we have a look at what you can get excited for this year.