This week marks the 10th anniversary of PlayStation 3’s European launch. Also this week, it’s been announced that Sony are ceasing production of the PS3 – at least in Japan.

Ten years is a good, long run for a console – especially one that had such a rough start in life, like the PlayStation 3. Released over a year after its competitor, the Xbox 360, and with a massive difference in price, it’s a wonder that it somehow managed to thrive – eventually. Sure, it brought with it the advent of Blu-ray, but for $500? No thank you.

Eventually, the PS3 had a lot going for it. It took a while – even the trophy system wasn’t available at launch, and not to mention how big and ugly the original model was – but throughout its life it evolved into something rather great.

I didn’t join the PlayStation 3 club until much later in its life – 2012, actually, with a PS3 Super Slim. I may have missed out on some of the earlier classic titles, like MotorstormResistance: Fall of Man and Demon’s Souls, but I couldn’t be happier that I got to play classics in the making like The Last of Us and Ni No Kuni.

The last time I turned on my PS3 was probably a good six months ago. Until recently it was used as a media player in the bedroom – but even this has since been upgraded to a PS4. Three years into the current generation, and it’s hard to go back to the PlayStation 3’s convoluted menu system and ridiculous response times. It had its heyday – eventually. Now it’s time to put it to rest in the annuls of gaming history.

With Japanese production grinding to a halt soon, it’s not going to be long until European and North American production stops, too. And it’s about time – the vast majority of developers have stopped releasing their games on the previous generations now, with only a very small trickle of indie and Japanese releases making it through. Persona 5 will come to PS3, but perhaps this will be its swansong.

If you’re still playing on a PS3 – now’s the time to upgrade and see what you’re missing out on. Happy birthday and thank you for the games, PlayStation the Third, but now it’s time to go have a nice long sleep in a box somewhere.

  • Jbumi

    I’ll be watching for a PS3 sale now. Just like I did with the PS2, bought one after they announced it going out of production. This gives me my back-up (finally had to use the PS2 one when my old one died last year). It works out cheaper than rebuying all the games (which you can’t really do since they don’t all get carried into the new gen) for the newer system.

    I like replaying my games 5 or so years after my first play through. It really gives you a different perspective on the game (particularly how much things have changed in game making). I do the same with books, but that’s more to see how my perspective has changed (funny how reading something at 20 then rereading, say, 10 -15 years later gives you an entirely different outlook!).