Brandon Langrock


Human Resource Machine Review

I was nearing around the fifteenth stage in Human Resource Machine, the latest game from Little Inferno developer Tomorrow Corporation, when I realised that i...

iO Review

Though far from revolutionary, iO is a simple, yet intuitive puzzler that is sure to dig its hooks into fans of the genre looking for a unique challenge.

Feist Review

Coming from developer Bits & Beasts, a small team in Switzerland, is Feist. Originally released in 2015 on Steam, this stylistic sidescroller now sees its r...

Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

During my off-time between titles, I often wonder if my passion for Pokémon is waning. Having followed the franchise since its first releases as Pokémon Red and...

Pankapu Episode 1 Review

It genuinely warms my heart to think of just how successfully persistent the platforming genre is, even now. I grew up with a wide array of side-scrolling platf...

Krinkle Krusher Review

The tower defence genre is primarily known for its entries on mobile platforms, though a few trickle into the console market every now and then. Krinkle Krusher...

100ft Robot Golf Review

In all of my years spent playing the countless rounds of Mario Golf and the odd Tiger Woods game, never did I think, this would have been better with massive ro...
Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders Review

It’s really quite impressive how flexible Square Enix is willing to be with the Dragon Quest franchise; while recent games like the Dynasty Warriors-esque Drago...