The 10 Worst Things About Retro Gaming

The early days of gaming weren't as glorious as they're reputed to have been. Come with me as I take you on a tour of ten things that made this age such a minefield.

A Pixel Story Review

If you prefer brain-scratching to button-mashing, then you'll love A Pixel Story – or I'll eat my hat.

How to Survive 2 Review

I never thought I'd use the words "projectile-vomiting zombie pelican" in any piece of writing.

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Review

Pixel Heroes may offer a marginally different experience every time you play, but in practice, each playthrough is about as pleasant as a poke in the eye.

99 Vidas Review

99Vidas is a surprisingly deep beat'em up which delivers the hoodlum-punching frolics and coin-devouring difficulty of old-school arcade games.

Nevermind Review

Nevermind places you in the sci-fi shoes of a 'Neuroprober', charged with the serious business of healing patients’ mental wounds through exploration and puzzle-solving.

Tattletail Review

While Tattletail takes its cues from Five Nights at Freddy’s, it neverless offers more than just jump-scares. Terrifying and tense, this horror title will ensur...

Kamio Recoil Review

Kamio Recoil's wafer-thin storyline – something about a squadron of five anime girls saving the world from demon invaders – is far from the worst thing on offer here.

Tales of Cosmos Review

With its distinctive visual approach and amusingly oddball characters, Tales of Cosmos isn’t lacking in charm. But this intergalactic adventure’s frustratingly ...