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For its price, SQUAKE is definitely worth a go if you're looking for something fun to play in short bursts.

SpiritSphere Review

SpiritSphere manages to encapsulate what made the retro era great, but without falling short when it comes to presentation and gameplay.

Top 10 Dinosaur Games

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Ever since Jurassic Park graced our screens in glorious 3D CGI, dinosaurs have captured the imagination of people across all ages. V...

Top 10 Final Fantasy Games

In case it isn't apparent that I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy yet, here's more evidence to help back up that claim: a list of my top 10 Final Fantasy games. Wi...

Pirate Pop Plus Review

Pirate Pop Plus is a game that tries to emulate the good ol' days of the original Game Boy. Including such aesthetic pleasantries like a monochromatic screen, f...

Unbox Review

Unbox takes you back to a simpler time. The time of the 90's platformer to be exact. Anyone who grew up gaming in the 90s will remember the typical platforming ...

MMOs, Marriages and Roleplaying

Whilst I consider myself a devout gamer, one part of the stereotype I've not fulfilled is having a love for MMOs. Sure, I played WoW for a while, I dabbled with...