Xbox One Reviews


Sylvio Review

A game about ghost hunting and capturing EVP recordings? Uh, hell yeah, I'm there.

Rise & Shine Review

It looks gorgeous, plays smoothly and is utterly addictive – as long as you've got the patience and skill. Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team's first console release is well worth a look.

In Between Review

In Between is something rare indeed: a platformer with emotional storytelling that synthesises gameplay mechanics with its themes. Focusing on a dying man strug...

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood Review

Artifex Mundi are back on Xbox One with a new release – the sixth of the year. That's some pretty good going, right? I have an undeniable soft spot for these si...

Feist Review

Coming from developer Bits & Beasts, a small team in Switzerland, is Feist. Originally released in 2015 on Steam, this stylistic sidescroller now sees its r...

Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain Review

When Forza Horizon 3 was released earlier this year, it would be an understatement to say that it impressed me. In fact, I stated that it was “as close to perfe...

Her Majesty’s Spiffing Review

After the year we've had it's nice to sit down and play a game with a primary goal to simply make you laugh. While other games can leave you aggravated at all t...

Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor is a game in which, you guessed it: the player constructs bridges. That’s pretty much all there is to say on the matter. While it can be char...

The Little Acre Review

One of my favourite memories from my childhood was watching Saturday morning cartoons. Scooby-Doo, Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob Squarepants; you know, the greats....

Steep Review

Despite always being interested in giving it a go, I’ve never been snowboarding. I’ve never been skiing, wingsuiting or paragliding either, and after spending c...

Final Fantasy XV Review

A game ten years in the making, living up to expectations was always going to be an uphill struggle for Final Fantasy XV. Obviously it doesn’t; any game with th...

Super Dungeon Bros Review

Super Dungeon Bros is a dungeon-crawling brawler that claims rock influences. Whilst Super Dungeon Bros sports welcome design decisions which cause it to stand ...

Ittle Dew 2 Review

I'll get straight to the point: I've been pleasantly surprised by my time spent with Ittle Dew 2. Having no idea what at all to expect, I went in blind, but was...

Hitman: The Complete First Season Review

Way back in March of this very same year, I reviewed the Hitman Intro Pack. The TL;DR version of that review was basically that IO Interactive’s new vision for ...

Watch Dogs 2 Review

Despite mostly positive reviews you would think Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was a travesty. Amidst cries of “downgraded” graphics, a rote campaign and an entirely too ...

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Review

Say what you will about remasters, but they are unquestionably a great way of enabling gamers to get to grips with titles that they may have previously missed. ...

Horse Racing 2016 Review

If you're a fan of the equine species and the sport that involves gentleman of a small stature riding on their backs around a circular course, then you'll be pl...