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MotoGP 17 Review: Wheelie Good

Featuring all the riders, teams, tracks and rules of the 2017 season, MotoGP 17 aims to provide fans of the high-octane sport all they could desire.

Perception Review: Tapping Simulator

Placing you in the shoes of a blind girl named Cassandra, Perception is a story about overcoming problems in the face of adversity. And it's also a story about self-discovery.
Tokyo 42 Temple

Tokyo 42 Review

Touted as Syndicate meets Grand Theft Auto, Tokyo 42 is a unique game that defies genre, and it's one that you should definitely give a chance.

NBA Playgrounds Review

The best analogy for NBA Playgrounds is that it's like a leaky ship. The exterior, with its charm and aesthetically pleasing look, hides an interior rife with small missteps and annoyances.

Shadow Warrior 2 Review (Xbox One)

Wang is back, and this time, he doesn't have to fight alone. Find out why Shadow Warrior 2 is a sequel worthy of your time in our review.

Friday the 13th: The Game Review

Crouched in a cabin, desperately searching for car keys to the newly repaired, refuelled car, the ominous sound of frantic music sends shivers up my spine.

RiME Review

Tequila Works' RiME is an audiovisual tour de force that wants to astonish you with its beauty, charm you with its loveable protagonist, and move you with its unfaltering emotions.