The Best Visual Novels on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

From Phoenix Wright to Arcade Souls and plenty in between, we've rounded up 10 of the best visual novels on Xbox xonsoles.

Mago Apes Old-School Platforming to Perfection

Available now on Steam, Mago is a must-play for any fans of retro platforming games.

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Ever wondered what Doom Eternal's Dark Lord would look like as Lego? Feast your eyes on this impressive fan-made model.

GameSir X3 Mobile Gaming Controller Review: A Must-Have for Mobile Gamers

Gaming on your phone just got a whole lot better.

Here Are Xbox Games With Gold’s July Games

With July just a few days away, Microsoft have unveiled July 2022's Xbox Games With Gold games.

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Arrives in Marvel’s Avengers

Feel like bringing the thunder? Jane Foster's Mighty Thor is now a playable character in Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers.

A New Gotham Knights Trailer Shows Off Robin’s Tricks

Wondering what tricks and tactics Gotham Knights' Robin has at his disposal? A new trailer sheds some light on the crimefighter.

Loud Rocks Onto Switch and PC Next Month

Rhythm game Loud, which sees you vying for guitar stardom, will rock its way onto the Nintendo Switch and PC next month.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s BD-1 is Being Turned into a LEGO Model

A brand new LEGO bot from the world of Star Wars is on the way. And this time, it's based on a character from...

Transformers Fans Will Love This LEGO Optimus Prime

If you love LEGO and Transformers, you'll definitely be wanting to buy this brick-built Optimus Prime when it launches.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Review

Hot off the heels of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel’s other multiversal mash-up movie, comes the long-overdue sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange.

Four Video Game LEGO Sets We’d Love to See

With LEGO already busy releasing licensed Mario, Sonic, Nintendo and now Horizon Forbidden West sets, it has us thinking: what other gaming-themed LEGO sets would we like to see?

Best Games For Kids on PS Plus Extra

Looking for the best games for kids on PS Plus Extra and Premium? We've rounded up some of the best right here.

A New Beatstar Season Has Just Landed: High Voltage

Beatstar has a brand new season. Called High Voltage, it brings nine new songs ot the game including Muse and Jessie J.

Disgaea 6 Complete Takes a Switch Exclusive and Makes it Better

Available now on PlayStation consoles and PC, Disgaea 6 Complete gives the previously Switch exclusive game a chance to truly shine.

DNF Duel Review

With its flashy but accessible combat and pleasing selection of modes, DNF Duel is an impressive fighting game.

Everything Revealed During Today’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase

From Portal to Persona, here's everything that was revealed during today's Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase.

Valve is Urging People Not to Mod Their Steam Deck

Got a Steam Deck? Thinking of modding it? Depending upon how you approach it, that could be a really bad idea.

Fall Guys Has Hit 20 Million Players After Going Free to Play

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which went free-to-play at a week ago today, has amassed 20 million players.