How to Complete Village Project: Gear Loose and Fancy Free in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's everything you need to know about completing the Village Project: Gear Loose and Fancy Free quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A New Lethal Company Update Adds Arachnophobia Mode and Body-Controlling Masks

Lethal Company has a new update that lets you disable spiders. But it also adds in a brand new, player mimicking nightmare.

Cooking Mama Meets Fallout in this Haunting Game About a Diner at the End of the World

Cooking Mama meets Fallout 4's grim opening, While We Wait Here is a restaurant management sim with a pre-apocalyptic twist.

The Best Gifts to Buy a Baldur’s Gate 3 Fan This Holiday Season

Astarion/Shadowheart body pillows aren't a thing, yet, but our Baldur's Gate 3 gift guide offers plenty of other gift ideas.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Getting an Offline Mode

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting an offline single-player mode, but it won't be available until after launch.

Forget Grand Theft Auto 6, This Fan Made a 30ft Nico Bellic Cutout

It may not be GTA 6 but at 30ft tall, this massive, fan-made Nico Bellic cutout is still ridiculously impressive.

Run Your Own Fantasy RPGs With This Amazing Pathfinder Humble Book Bundle

Have the Pathfinder CRPGs sucked you into their world? Get 24 Pathfinder books for around $1 each with this amazing value Pathfinder Humble Bundle.

Lego Animal Crossing is Real and We Can’t Wait

Lego has teased its upcoming Lego Animal Crossing sets and we're already ready to take out a second mortgage.

Take a Bite Out of This Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant Set

Who needs a Venus Fly Trap when you can have this plumber-gobbling Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant on your shelf?

This Lego Starfield Frontier Could Become an Official Set

Want to get your hands on a Lego model of Starfield's Frontier ship? Then lend your support to this awesome Lego Ideas submission.

Vasco From Starfield is Getting His Own Articulated PureArts Figure

Want your very own Vasco from Starfield sitting on your desk? Bethesda and PureArts are putting out an articulated Vasco figure.

The Best Gifts to Buy a Silent Hill Fan This Christmas

Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like horror game memorabilia.

Archetype Entertainment Reveals Debut Sci-Fi RPG Exodus

Currently in development by Archetype Entertainment, Exodus is a sci-fi RPG that has already won us over thanks to Muse.

You’ll Be Able to Try Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown For Free This January

Set for release in January, you'll be able to try Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown before its launch thanks to a handy demo.

Monster Hunter Wilds Announced for 2025

Another Monster Hunter game is on the way - Monster Hunter Wilds has been announced for release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2025.

SEGA is Reviving Shinobi, Jet Set Radio and More

As SEGA fans we're overjoyed, with not one but five games announced at The Game Awards by the developer/publisher.

Laika: Aged Through Blood Review

There's a lot to love about Laika: Aged Through Blood providing you have the skills - or patience - for its challenging gameplay.