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Infamous: First Light Review

This instalment of the popular inFamous series might be short but it won't let you down.

Infamous: First Light is a standalone expansion to the impressive Infamous: Second Son, set prior to Second Son‘s story.

Sharing many of its core elements, it should come as no surprise that First Light is a very solid entry in the popular series. First Light’s brief but fulfilling campaign allows you play as Fetch, a young woman with extraordinary powers that anyone who has already played Second Son will be familiar with.

Whilst the story isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it does accomplish giving you an understanding of Fetch’s motivations and stands on its own two feet rather well, meaning that people who are yet to play Second Son won’t be missing out if they delve into this title first.

Gameplay is the usual open world affair with story-driven campaign missions that mainly boil down to heading to an objective marker and utilising Fetch’s “neon powers” to obliterate enemies. Aside from the story, there’s not a great deal to do in this game’s recreation of Seattle apart from collect shards littered across the map and complete combat challenges, which luckily you’ll be fairly motivated to do as they enable you to upgrade Fetch’s abilities.

infamous first light

Long term appeal is served in the form of challenge arenas, in which you’ll find yourself either rescuing hostages or simply surviving waves of enemies in order to display your skills and climb up the online leaderboards.

It should come as no surprise that this game looks just as good as its predecessor – which is to say it looks gorgeous! Textures and lighting are high quality and the game remains smooth even when things get hectic.

The audio is also generally to a high standard with a good sound mix, although there is a general lack of ambience during the quieter moments when you’re exploring Seattle.

Overall, Infamous: First Light is a quality title and a good entry point for those that are new to the series. Its brevity is perhaps the only issue, but at a budget price this is to be expected.

Infamous: First Light is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.
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