Sony announced details of PSN “reward” for outage compensation

Sony previously announced that, due to the large amounts of downtime over Christmas (as a result of hacking incidents), all PSN members would be rewarded with a 10% discount on the store for one transaction, and PS+ members would also get a five day extension to their membership.

Sony have now blogged further details, stating that the 10% discount will be live this Friday – 23 January – and will remain active over the weekend, with all codes expiring on 26 January. The code will not be valid on all purchases, with some items being excluded – PS+ memberships and Music Unlimited are amongst those not valid.


The codes will be available on the PlayStation store itself, and PlayStation will also tweet them on all its regional channels.

The “whopping” five day PS+ extension will be automatically added to all subscribers’ accounts in the next few days with no action needed.