Alan Wake Remastered on Xbox One, anyone?

Alan Wake Xbox One Remaster

Fancy playing Alan Wake Remastered on your Xbox One? Well it may soon be possible if a survey being circulated by Microsoft is to be believed.

The survey, seemingly sent to selected Xbox Live users, asks if the recipient would recommend Alan Wake to their family and friends. Whilst that question already leads us to think an Xbox Remaster is on the cards, the survey then proceeds to further fan the flames by asking what would be a good pre-order incentive for Remedy’s new game, Quantum Break. Amongst the selectable responses are the typical dlc’s such as a free in-game costume or an assault rifle, but more interestingly a free copy of Alan Wake Remastered Edition is also offered.


Released on the Xbox 360 in 2010, Alan Wake had a disappointing start for Remedy with slow sales despite being well received by critics. Luckily the game was a slow burner and a much requested PC port released in 2012 saw the game reach a wider audience with great success. As of 23rd May 2013 the game had sold 3 million copies.

As big fans of Alan Wake we hope the remaster does indeed come to fruition, especially if it improves the chances of a sequel being given the greenlight. For those with a moderately powerful PC however, we have to add that the game already runs and looks sublime on that format at max settings, and is often dirt cheap in Steam sales.