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Spock did Video Games too: A homage to Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy may have been most well known for his role as Spock in Star Trek, but that wasn’t all he did. Rather surprisingly, Nimoy also offered his voice to several video games – and pretty popular ones at that. Here’s a full list of all Leonard Nimoy video games through the years, where he’ll forever “live long and prosper”…

Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites

1992 and 1993, Amiga/Macintosh/MS-DOS

Obviously, Nimoy voiced Spock in Star Trek‘s first two forays into the world of video games.




1999, Sega Dreamcast/PS2

Certainly the most bizarre game on this list, Leonard Nimoy narrated the English version of this very creepy looking ‘virtual pet’ game. Your job is to care for and nurture the “Seaman” species – a freshwater fish with the face of a man. Stuff of nightmares.



Atlantis: The Lost Empire

2001, PS1/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance

Another game that sees Nimoy jump from outer space to deep under the sea, he voiced the Atlantean King in the game spin-off of the underwater Disney adventure.

Atlantis The Lost Empire PS1 Game


Civilization IV

2005, PC/Mac

Another game that Nimoy narrated was Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, the ever-popular turn-based strategy game.

Civilization IV screenshot game


Star Trek Online

2010, PC/Mac

Nimoy returned to voice Spock in this Star Trek MMORPG. The game is set 30 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis but frequently references the original series.

Star Trek Online PC screenshot


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance

2010 and 2012, 3DS/PSP

Leonard Nimoy voiced the evil villain Master Xehanort in both Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. There’s even a likeness to Spock in the pointy ears. Coincidence?

Kingdom Hearts Master Xehanort

Rest in peace Mr. Nimoy, and thank you for your contribution to gaming!

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