Nintendo announce a new console – codename “NX”

Nintendo DX announcement

With the WiiU clinging onto the coat tails of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for dear life, it’s no surprise that Nintendo is already considering its successor. Question is: is there really still a space for them to make a big impact in the home console market?

Unveiled at a conference to announce the alliance of Nintendo and DeNA, a move which will see the pair develop and operate games for smart devices, the new “dedicated game system”, codenamed Nintendo NX, is proof of Nintendo’s “strong enthusiasm for the dedicated games system business”.


A new membership/account system is also planned to tie the Nintendo ecosystem together, which, let’s face it, has been a long time coming.

While it’s nice to hear that Nintendo aren’t planning on going anywhere, you have to wonder if they’ll be able to turn the tables with their next console and successfully court the third parties required to make it a success.

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