Point and click games were always my favourite growing up. I spent countless hours on the likes of Monkey Island and Broken Sword on my PC as a kid. Console gaming made it harder for the classic point and click adventure genre to live on: I mean, how can you point and click if you don't have a mouse and a cursor?

PS4 point and click games are in abundance though. Well, the 21st century equivalent at least. Gone may be the literal pointing and clicking that was once so ubiquitous with the puzzle adventure genre, but the form is gaining strength. The calibre of today's graphics means that developers are more and more wanting to create beautiful and intriguing worlds for us to explore at our own pace. Less than 18 months into this generation, and there's already a wealth for us to choose from. Here's our list of 10 of our favourite PS4 point and click games.

10. Walking Dead Season One

Point and Click Games PS4 The Walking Dead Telltale

Telltale Games are in the forefront of bringing the point and click genre to a new generation. Their mix of storytelling, exploration and adventure has tones of the likes of 90s LucasArts classics, but with their own modern stamp. There's certainly more emphasis on story here than puzzle solving, but there's still plenty of exploration and interacting to be done.

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9. Stick it to the Man

Point and Click Games PS4
This gorgeous cardboard cut out 2D side-scroller sees you playing as Ray, an unfortunate chap who, as a result of an accident, now has a giant arm sticking out of his head. Weirder still, he can now suddenly read people's thoughts. The game has some classic platforming elements when it comes to traversing the landscape, but there's puzzles to solve, clues to find and people to talk to (and read the minds of) in order to help ray out.

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