Your GameSpew Weekly Wipe-Up #9

Happy Sunday, GameSpewers!

We’ve had a lot of news floating about the gamesphere this week, what with Kojimagate and Nintendo announcing a new console. We’ve, as usual, been busy playing games all week ready to review – Rich has been playing Awakened Fate Ultimatum, and Kim has been playing Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. The trouble with JRPGs is that they take a long time to play through so we can never get them reviewed on time! They’ll be featured on the site sometime next week. We’ve also been playing the fun and addictive Jamestown+ and will have a review of that ready in the next day or two.


Next week will be a good one – we’re very much looking forward to our delivery of Claptrap in a Box (oh yes!) on Friday, along with the release of Bloodborne.

But for now, here’s everything that happened last week, in case you missed anything.


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