Marvel gets the Telltale treatment

Marvel Telltale Games

Marvel and Telltale are joining forces to bring us a new project in 2017, it was revealed at an event in San Francisco last night.

The news follows Telltale’s recent announcement of teaming up with Liongate Studios, to work on cross-media projects. It’s no secret that Telltale like to have their fingers in lots of pies at once; currently they’re simultaneously releasing Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands – and no doubt countless other early projects are going on in the background.

Marvel, on the other hand, seem to be saturating the entertainment market every which way, with countless movie, TV and games franchises flying at us from every direction.


Whilst we won’t see anything Marvel-based from Telltale Games until 2017, no doubt there’ll be lots of speculation over what the project could be between now and then. Avengers? Iron Man? Wolverine? A combination of all Marvel superheroes?

What Marvel franchise would you most like to see come to life with the Telltale treatment?