1Great PS4 games with easy platinums

Calling all PlayStation trophy hunters!

A while ago, we brought you a list of 10 super easy platinums that you could achieve with minimal effort. Problem is, some of them aren’t exactly the “coolest” games to show off to your friends, shall we say.

Being caught playing Hanna Montana or Puss In Boots isn’t exactly great for your über-gamer bravado (not that we’re knocking them – we’ve played them, and we’re not ashamed… okay, maybe a little bit).

So we’ve given it some more thought, scanned our trophy lists and browsed our library and this time we’ve come up with a list of 10 easy platinum games to be proud of, all on PlayStation 4. None of these games are very difficult to complete – we’ve got the trophies ourselves to prove it – and come with full bragging rights; no shame necessary!

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