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Top 10 Easiest PS4 Platinums To Be Proud Of

Great PS4 games with easy platinums

Calling all PlayStation trophy hunters!

A while ago, we brought you a list of 10 super easy platinums that you could achieve with minimal effort. Problem is, some of them aren’t exactly the “coolest” games to show off to your friends, shall we say.

Being caught playing Hanna Montana or Puss In Boots isn’t exactly great for your über-gamer bravado (not that we’re knocking them – we’ve played them, and we’re not ashamed… okay, maybe a little bit).

So we’ve given it some more thought, scanned our trophy lists and browsed our library and this time we’ve come up with a list of 10 easy platinum games to be proud of, all on PlayStation 4. None of these games are very difficult to complete – we’ve got the trophies ourselves to prove it – and come with full bragging rights; no shame necessary!

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Dust: An Elysian Tail

easiest ps4 platinums

This colourful side-scrolling RPG is a pleasure to play and offers one of the easiest PS4 platinums available. If you’ve been a PS+ subscriber for a while, you’ll have picked this one up for free back in October. You need to complete the game on “tough” or “hardcore”, and luckily the game lets you choose either from the outset. “Tough” doesn’t offer anything too difficult, bar one or two bosses that might take a little more patience and skill.

You can complete the game in around 15 hours. There’s quite a few side missions to do, but as long as you talk to NPCs throughout progression of the game, you’ll likely be able to complete most of these alongside the main story so you won’t have too much left over on completion.

Dust: An Elysian Tail is available digitally from the PlayStation store.

Grim Fandango

point and click games ps4 puzzle adventure

With this point and click classic lovingly remastered for the Playstation 4, there’s no better time to help Manny Calavera unravel the mystery of the golden tickets whilst also earning yourself a platinum.

With a guide you could probably platinum this title in less than 10 hours but without it will no doubt take many more, thanks to some rather tricky puzzles. Be aware that there are quite a few missable trophies so keep a few backup saves in case you miss one!

Grim Fandango is available digitally from the PlayStation store.

Infamous: Second Son

easiest ps4 platinums

One of the PS4’s best exclusives, Infamous: Second Son is a joy to play and you can obtain the platinum trophy in a little under 20 hours.

Whilst you’ll have to play through the game twice – making all the good or evil choices on each playthrough – you’ll have a literal blast doing so. We suggest playing the required hard difficulty on your second run through as evil Delsin – it’s easier to be bad!

Infamous: First Light

easiest ps4 platinums

As a standalone expansion to the fantastic Infamous: Second Son, we were surprised to discover that First Light has its own platinum trophy. Luckily, it’s one of the quickest PS4 platinums to achieve too: taking around 10 hours.

The challenges and combat arenas are where you’ll find most of the meaty trophies that may initially seem really difficult, but persistence and practice will eventually pay off.

The LEGO Movie

easiest ps4 platinums

All Lego games are fairly easy platinums, but as The LEGO Movie Videogame is perhaps the shortest Lego game to date, you can obtain the platinum in around 15 hours, making it the easiest PS4 platinum of all the Lego games yet.

With a fairly standard trophy list, you shouldn’t really encounter much trouble apart from finding some pesky cats around town!

Murdered: Soul Suspect

easiest ps4 platinums

Would you want to solve your own murder if you could? If your answer is yes, then Murdered: Soul Suspect is the game for you.

Not only is this an enjoyable investigative romp, it’s also one of the easiest PS4 platinums you can unlock. Just make sure you get all the collectibles in the Museum the first time you visit to save some heartache!

Sleeping Dogs

easiest ps4 platinums

Open world masterpiece Sleeping Dogs might not be the quickest game to score a platinum trophy on, but it’s a game you’ll not mind spending lots of time in. You can platinum the game in around 30-35 hours. Half of that will be taken up with the story, and the rest of the time will be spent doing side missions, finding collectibles and completing challenges.

There’s nothing too taxing on offer in Sleeping Dogs, besides getting gold awards on a few stats that might take a bit of grinding.

Sound Shapes

easiest ps4 platinums

Critically acclaimed Sound Shapes is a favourite amongst trophy hunters. Not only is it fairly easy to obtain, thanks to cross buy and cloud syncing, if you have a PS3 or PS Vita you can unlock the trophies instantly on those versions.

There’s a few different play modes to Sound Shapes; the only one that poses any real challenge is Death Mode, where you have to traverse a tricky platform levels to collect musical notes against the clock. There’s 20 to complete in total, and expect to attempt each level many times. We reckon the average player can platinum Sound Shapes in around 15 hours, but if you’re crazy-skilled at death mode,  you could be as quick as 5-10.

Sound Shapes is available digitally from the PlayStation store.


easiest ps4 platinums

Watch_Dogs was originally written off as an unobtainable platinum thanks to the inclusion of ridiculously difficult “drinking game” challenges. Thankfully, Ubisoft have since patched the game, making these much easier to complete. As an open world title, it’s not the shortest platinum to achieve, but it’s one we thoroughly enjoyed getting.

You’ll likely get the platinum within 40-45 hours, give or take. The story itself will take up about half of that time, and you’ll spend the rest of your time completing all the necessary side missions. You’ll be pleased to know that Watch_Dogs doesn’t have any annoying collectibles to obtain, and whilst some side missions can be a bit repetitive, they’re generally all fun to complete.

The Wolf Among Us

easiest ps4 platinums

TellTale Games’ The Wolf Among Us is an enjoyable story-driven adventure that you can platinum in around 12 hours.

With only one missable trophy per episode, you can simply work your way through the game at your leisure before using the chapter select feature to complete the missing entries of the encyclopaedia.

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