Top 10 Easiest PS4 Platinums To Be Proud Of

7. Sleeping Dogs

easiest ps4 platinums

Open world masterpiece Sleeping Dogs might not be the quickest game to score a platinum trophy on, but it’s a game you’ll not mind spending lots of time in. You can platinum the game in around 30-35 hours. Half of that will be taken up with the story, and the rest of the time will be spent doing side missions, finding collectibles and completing challenges.


There’s nothing too taxing on offer in Sleeping Dogs, besides getting gold awards on a few stats that might take a bit of grinding.

8. Sound Shapes

easiest ps4 platinums

Critically acclaimed Sound Shapes is a favourite amongst trophy hunters. Not only is it fairly easy to obtain, thanks to cross buy and cloud syncing, if you have a PS3 or PS Vita you can unlock the trophies instantly on those versions.

There’s a few different play modes to Sound Shapes; the only one that poses any real challenge is Death Mode, where you have to traverse a tricky platform levels to collect musical notes against the clock. There’s 20 to complete in total, and expect to attempt each level many times. We reckon the average player can platinum Sound Shapes in around 15 hours, but if you’re crazy-skilled at death mode,  you could be as quick as 5-10.

Sound Shapes is available digitally from the PlayStation store.