Your GameSpew Weekly Wipe-up #13

Happy Sunday, GameSpewers! We’ve had a busy week at GameSpew HQ, with Rich busy playing Mortal Kombat X ready for a review early next week, and Kim playing Titan Souls and Rack ‘n’ Ruin – which might just be her new favourite game. Look out for a review soon. We’ve also been revisiting Diablo: Reaper of Souls, since we’re so close to getting a platinum… just another 200 bounties or so to go.. argh! Here’s what you might have missed last week…

Article of the Week

Top 10 PS4 games



 Top 10 PS4 Games


Titan Souls: Death Will Prevail

Paperbound PS4



Can Guitar Hero Live On?

Top 10 PS4 Games



Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture coming to PS4 this summer

Project CARS goes gold, gets firm release date

Star Ocean 5 in development

Broken Sword 5 PS4 version coming soon?