In case you missed it: EA E3 briefing roundup

e3 2015

So EA’s E3 2015 conference has just finished, and we’ve had plenty of great looking games shown off. In case you missed anything, here’s a brief recap of everything EA have announced tonight:

  • Mass Effect Andromeda was revealed with an impressive looking trailer
  • A gameplay trailer of Need for Speed was shown off, boasting a massive game world, five overlapping stories and more customisation than ever. It’s out 3 November
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic will get a new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • Swedish indie Coldwood revealed new IP Unraveled, which looks pretty spectacular
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 had some more footage, showing off weapons from past, present and future. EA will support the game with free DLC after launch as well as solo/couch co-op in all modes
  • Madden 16, NBA 16, NHL 16 and i were all showcased, with Fifa having female football players for the first time
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst had a gameplay trailer, showing an open world with no loading screens. The story will follow Faith’s origins and background
  • The anticipated Star Wars Battlefront trailer was shown off, offering multiplayer and single player content, built using the new Frostbite Engine

What are you most excited about from EA’s announcements tonight?