Mega Man Legacy Collection coming Summer 2015

mega man legacy collection

Capcom have today announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection will be rolling its way onto our consoles later this year, and will be shown off at E3 next week.

Mega Man Legacy Collection, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer (and a 3DS version coming in the winter), comprises “faithful reproductions” of the six original Mega Man games. It’ll also include all-new ways to play the game with new modes – “Museum Mode”, which will exhibit some of the best concept art and history from the franchise, and “Challenge Mode”, offering objectives and scaling difficulty tasks across a remixed selection of segments from each of the six games.

As a “faithful reproduction”, it sounds like the Legacy Collection won’t be so much a HD remaster of the Mega Man games, but a simple port of the original. We imagine this will be available before the release of its spiritual successor Mighty No.9  in September.


Still, it’s a must for any fan of Mega Man – and anyone fond of reminiscing over old school retro games!

Capcom will be showing off demos of Mega Man Legacy Collectionat E3 next week, along with playable demos for Resident Evil 0 and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and will be revealing more about the long-awaited Street Fighter 5. Be sure to stay tuned next week for more news!