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The most adorable game of E3 2015: Unravel


E3 this year was filled to the brim with an exhaustive list of incredible looking games. The staggering scale of Fallout 4 along with its comprehensive graphics overhaul and new in-depth crafting system seemed to cement this year’s E3 as one of the most exciting for a very long time. Of course we can’t forget titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn from the Sony press conference showcasing lush environments inhabited by mechanized animals. The likes of Hitman also made a welcome return, along with the breath-taking demo of Uncharted 4. The list could go on and on concerning the number of games to look forward to in the near future. However amidst all of the hard-hitting action and the return of much loved franchises emerged an indie game called Unravel.

As creative director Martin Sahlen enters the stage and begins to talk about his project it’s clear that he’s nervous. As he introduces the main character “Yarnie” and brings him out from his jacket pocket, you can see his hands struggling to even hold the figure which he crafted from wire himself. It’s not all nerves however. You can see the excitement radiating from him as he talks of how he came up with idea on a camping trip with his family and the themes that underlie the game.


Unravel is representative of love and how one aims to piece together all the missing links that one has made over a lifetime. It’s awfully poetic and extremely apt. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the little character made of yarn and the creator himself. You can really tell that he feels honoured to be at E3 and given the chance to show his game to the community, and it’s incredibly endearing.

Hats off to EA for allocating some time so that otherwise unknown indie developers could assert themselves as real contenders, and enabling us to see a game which is impossible not to grin at.


Moving on to the trailer, the music is touching and it accentuates the brilliantly bright visuals and organic environments that we’ll be able to platform through. Talking of platforming, there’s clear signs of the physics engine alluded to in the presentation, along with the yarn itself providing a problem-solving, puzzling element that’ll be sure to provide a change of pace from more frantic elements.

So, amongst all the heavy-hitters and big names in the industry unfolded this two minute demo, which I can only describe as clever and above all: delightful.

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