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Could Allison Road be the Most Terrifying Game in the Making?

Konami’s Silent Hills may be a thing of the past now, but thanks to the gameplay trailer that surfaced this weekend of a new horror game called Allison Road, we’re not grieving quite as much anymore.

Being created by a brand new small British studio called Lilith Ltd, Allison Road has been greenlit on Steam and is set to be released in 2016. Most importantly, it looks absolutely terrifying.


The 13-minute gameplay trailer sees the player wander around a chic looking home, interacting with various objects and exploring the environment, all the while freaky events start to unfold. The game is played out in first person, with quite possibly some of the most realistic graphics we’ve ever seen. The house is beautifully designed and rendered; you could forgive screenshots being confused with something out of a glossy copy of House and Home. If House and Home suddenly became splattered with blood, that is.

Their official YouTube channel also has prototype Oculus Rift footage. We can say with all degrees of certainty that this would be one hell of a terrifying virtual reality experience. Even just the first person perspective of the game coupled with its ornate photorealistic nature makes what we’ve seen of Allison Road so far incredibly immersive.


Creator of the game, Chris Kesler, and the rest of the team at Lilith Ltd make no attempts to hide their inspiration – from the minute the gameplay trailer begins to play, it’s very obvious that P.T., the playable teaser for Silent Hills, has been a big proponent in its design. There’s even a blatant nod to it, as the spoken line “dad was such a drag” can be heard at one point – the very same line that was heard coming over the radio in P.T.

Lilith Ltd only registered as a company in June 2015 (and interestingly enough, their registered address is in fact at Allison Road) and even though they may be newcomers, they clearly show a lot of promise with their trailer for Allison Road. We can’t wait to see more from it in the coming months.

Watch the full gameplay trailer of Allison Road below:

The Kickstarter campaign for Allison Road is now live, so show your support for this incredible project by clicking here.

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