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Top 10 Vita Games

5. Little Big Planet Vita

Top 10 Vita Games

The Vita offering of the staple PlayStation platformer really is a joy to play.

The Vita’s touch-screen controls really come into their own here, making it much more fun to navigate Sackboy through the various worlds of Little Big Planet.

It’s instantly familiar to anyone who has played a PS3 iteration of the game, with similar features and set-up. Like the others, you can play the main story mode of the game, or you can create your own levels or play levels created by other players.

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4. Touch My Katamari

Top 10 Vita Games

Katamari is one of the wackiest, but most-loved PlayStation titles that’s been around since the days of the PS2. If you’ve somehow never played it, you must.

The aim of the game is to roll a magical ball (the Katamari) around the world, collecting up worldly objects to make the ball bigger and bigger. In some cases, until it’s bigger than the entire universe. It sounds pretty crazy – and it is – but it’s jolly good fun.

The Vita version is an interesting take on the franchise – it has the same basic format of any other Katamari game you may have played, but the addition of the touch screen controls allows you to stretch and shape your Katamari for more varied and innovative gameplay.

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3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Top 10 Vita Games

Maybe the best looking game on the PlayStation Vita, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a standout title of the launch line-up.

As expected of a title in the Uncharted game series, you get to travel the world as Nathan Drake, shooting bad guys and negotiating harsh environment, all in the name of pursuing long-lost treasure.

A showcase for the PlayStation Vita’s unique features, new gameplay elements include gyroscopic aiming, touch screen controls and photo challenges, making this one the most feature rich iterations of the Uncharted franchise to date and a must-have title for all Vita owners.

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2. Wipeout 2048

Top 10 Vita Games

A staple of the Playstation brand, no Sony console is complete without a version of WipeOut or two.

With the PlayStation 4 set to break the trend thanks to its developer being closed last year, at least you can take solice in the fact that the latest in the series, WipeOut 2048 for the PlayStation Vita, is one of the best.

With beautiful graphics, a killer soundtrack and a huge amount of content, this really is one of the premier racers available for the PlayStation Vita. Owners of the Playstation 3 version of WipeOut and its Fury DLC also get more tracks and events to play through thanks to cross-buy, making this a must-have for all fans of the anti-gravity racing series.

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1. Toukiden: Kiwami

Top 10 Vita Games

Those craving an experience akin to Monster Hunter on the Vita should look no further than Toukiden: Kiwami.

After creating your Demon hunter, you’re free to engage in battle with some truly fearsome creatures. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to customise your hunter with a large range of purchasable items, or even craft your own with the spoils of battle. With many weapon types available, each with their own move set, combat is a thrilling affair which rewards preparation and dedication.

Graphically the game is astounding, with beautiful character and creature models that really show off what the vita is capable of.

With a lengthy single player campaign and the ability to undertake all missions via online or ad-hoc multiplayer, Toukiden: Kiwami is a game will devour your time in abundance.

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