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Capcom Announce Umbrella Corps, a Resident Evil Themed Online Shooter

Today is the Tokyo Game Show, and as we can expect from any any major entertainment showcase, the big names have some exciting announcements to make. Capcom have announced that a new Resident Evil experience is coming to PS4 and PC in early 2016, known as Umbrella Corps.

The key phrase here is that Umbrella Corps is a Resident Evil themed game. It’s set in the familiar RE universe, but aside from that, it’s a whole new experience. It’s an online third-person shooter, with an emphasis on competitive and team play.

Where Resident Evil got its fame for story-driven games and tense scares, Umbrella Corps‘ focus is on high-intensity fast-paced gameplay, with the main crux of the game being short and brutal team battles. It’ll feature classic Resident Evil-style enemies such as zombies, which can either be extra obstacles to overcome or used as a strategic advantage to win over the opposition.

No set release date has been confirmed, but Umbrella Corps will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in “early 2016”. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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