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Free Game Friday – The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House is a PC horror game made in RPG Maker. I know these games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but trust me when I tell you, you have to play this one. Both gloriously terrifying and utterly heart-racing, this seemingly simplistic little game will make your palms sweat and your legs jig.

You’ll be playing as young teen, Viola, who becomes lost in the woods and has no choice but to take shelter inside a Witch’s house – the same one your dad conveniently warned you to stay away from. Naughty girl. From here you’ll meet a witty black cat (and moving save point) before entering the Witch’s house and beginning your tense but entertaining journey.

The Witch's House 3-min

The Witch’s House is a puzzle game, causing you to pay close attention to your surroundings and use your common sense to get through most of them. But logic won’t save you. Some puzzles are as simple as they sound, some of them aren’t, and this is my favourite technique in any game ever – the skill of making you over-think a situation and doubt yourself.

The reason it finds its place atop my list of favourites is because it shows us how well a game can be put together when the effort is made. Each little sound and movement has a purpose and reflects an almost paranormal environment where bottles will fall off the shelves or items will move toward you just as you exit a room. The one thing I will guarantee you is that you will jump, yowl and die… a lot – and it’ll send you into fits of laughter, especially if you have the volume turned up.

The Witch's House 1-min

So if you fancy a game to get you through the weekend and fancy trying something new then follow the link, wear your headphones and get ready for some serious scaring.

Download The Witch’s House for PC or Mac now!

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