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“Legends Rising” Films Released Celebrating E-Sports Gamers

The League of Legends World Championships are looming and courtesy of Riot Games, a number of mini-documentaries delivering an unprecedented insight into the lives of some of the most decorated players have been released.

What surprised me the most about Legends Rising videos were how emotionally invested I became. Once the 20 minutes had elapsed I felt a stronger connection to the players and a feeling of respect for what they had already accomplished so early on in their lives. Underlying each video is the idea that the game means something to everyone who plays it; whether it be an escape tool or a way of expressing your desire to win. Above all they each have a love and passion for the game which drives them to play each day and surpasses the concept of having to play the game as a career.

As an outsider to e-sports, I urge you to watch these videos and hopefully gain a sense as to the rapidly expanding nature of the industry, how embedded it has become in certain cultures and the sacrifices the players have had to make to be in their position.

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