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Top 10 Indie Games of EGX 2015

The UK’s biggest video game expo, EGX, has just passed. Along with showing off some of the biggest AAA pre-releases around, there were also hundreds of amazing indie titles being showcased too. We got hands-on with a big selection of them, so here’s our top 10 indie games to look out for in the coming months.

10. Dead of Day

EGX Indie Dead of Day-min

Although Dead of Day is in a very early stage of development and we didn’t actually get any hands-on gameplay, the concept of the game got us quite excited. Think old-school Dungeon Master crossed with your favourite Tycoon game – with some zombies thrown in for good measure. It looks to be a game of two facets: as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, you set up camp in a safe house along with fellow survivors, and have to go out and scavenge for supplies. The scavenging segments of the game play out like an old-school 3D dungeon crawler, but you’ve also got the added sim-style gameplay of managing your supplies, looking after your fellow survivors and weighing risk versus reward.

The art style is very eye-catching: cut scenes have a glorious comic-book strip feel to them, akin to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Whilst a release date is long into the future – a Kickstarter project for the game is set to start very soon – we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for this one.


9. Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse

EGX Indie Nature's Zombie Apocalypse-min

Zombie apocalypses are a dime-a-dozen in games these days, but Southampton-based developer Aniode has taken a bit of a twist on the genre. Ever watch The Walking Dead and wonder what happened to all the lions, tigers and bears (oh my)? Here’s your answer: they got pissed off at all the humans turning into zombies, grabbed an uzi and decided to do something about it.

Yes, in Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse you play as various wild animals – ducks, bears, elephants – equipped with a range of weapons as you go on a tirade to rid the world of pesky human zombies. It’s set in some familiar locations (we played a level on London Bridge) and whilst it’s graphically not the best, it is a ton of fun. It’s designed with local co-op in mind, allowing up to eight players on one screen, so promises to offer some hilarious party play. It’s available now on Steam Early Access, and is set to release on Xbox One soon.

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