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Top 10 Indie Games of EGX 2015

6. Cuphead

EGX Indie Cuphead-min

Coming to PC and Xbox One, Cuphead has been on our radars for some time, thanks to its delightfully unique art style. Looking more like Steamboat Willie than a video game from the 21st century, Cuphead is a 2D side-scrolling shooter filled with brightly coloured and wonderfully animated Disney-esque characters.

From our very short time playing at EGX (very short because we died very quickly…) one thing is for certain: Cuphead is rock hard. Don’t let its childlike cartoon art style fool you: this isn’t a game for the faint-hearted. Whilst we imagine the difficulty may offer up a bit of frustration for some, we have no doubt that it’s going to be a title that’s hard to put down. It’s set to be released in 2016.


5. Riot: Civil Unrest

Riot Civil Unrest 2-min

If the prospect of being involved with or trying to disperse a riot has ever excited you, then: (1) you probably need mental help; and (2) you definitely need to check out Riot: Civil Unrest.

Allowing you to take control of either the rioters or the forces allocated to control and disperse them, Riot has very unique gameplay that instantly makes it interesting and engrossing. Playing almost like a small scale RTS, you can simply left-click on the unit required and the action you want them to take, before right clicking where you want them to do it. It sounds simple, but as we found out to our own amusement, things can get out of hand very quickly – being heavy handed will often result in more aggression from the opposing forces, but being too soft can see them walk all over you.

Released next year for PC, Riot: Civil Unrest is a highly original title which with its unique gameplay and visual style has already piqued our curiosity.

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