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Top 10 Indie Games of EGX 2015

4. Crystal Rift

EGX Indie Crystal Rift-min

A combination of old school gameplay with cutting edge technology, Crystal Rift is dungeon crawler with a difference: it supports multiple Virtual Reality devices.

Already available on steam early access, Crystal Rift is one of the first real games available with full VR support, and we have to say, it plays wonderfully. We spent some time navigating a perilous dungeon – flicking switches, battling with undead beasties and avoiding treacherous traps as we went – and it was unmitigated fun. There were also a few moments that could raise the hairs on the back of your neck thanks to combined force of nice enemy design and immersive gameplay.

With a complete singleplayer campaign and robust map editor tools so you can make and share your own nefarious dungeons, Crystal Rift is a must-buy if you already own a VR headset. If you don’t, then look out for it next year on PC and PS4 when VR devices are released commercially.


3. Strength of the Sword: Ultimate

EGX Indie Strength of the Sword-min

With is colourful and highly stylised graphics, you wouldn’t expect Strength of the Sword: Ultimate to have Dark Souls-like combat, but it does.

Our hands-on with the game had us engaging in arena style battles which focused on thoughtful tactical combat rather than button mashing. Combat was mainly a one-on-one affair, although some minions were thrown in to complicate things at times. Needless to say the gameplay was rousing, with a nice ebb and flow to the combat and intuitive controls.

With the promise of an adventure style quest mode as well as the wave based arena combat, Strength of the Sword: Ultimate is shaping up to be very nice indeed.

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