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Top 10 Indie Games of EGX 2015

2. Jump Stars

EGX Indie Jump Stars-min

Everyone loves a good party game, right? Well, you’re in luck, as Jump Stars for Xbox One and PC looks to not only be a good one, but a great one.

Our time with the title had us trying to push each other under grinders, passing a bomb onto one another like a game of pass the parcel where you really don’t want to be the one left with the present, and jumping up platforms descending at an ever-accelerating rate. Suffice to say it was great clean fun, and with support for up to four players locally, and the possible inclusion of online play, Jump Stars looks to be the perfect game for when you want some laughs with your friends.

Look out for it when it launches early next year.


1. Shu

EGX Indie Shu-min

Heavily influenced by Ori & The Blind Forest and Rayman, Shu is a colourful platformer that really stole our hearts at EGX.

With its effortlessly responsive controls and beautiful 2D graphics we were instantly enamoured with its familiar yet tireless gameplay, which had us running, jumping and gliding our way through a wonderfully lush level. Along the way we found numerous stranded villagers and by taking them along with us the lovable Shu gained new abilities such as being able to run along water. The excellent demo then proceeded to finish with a tense chase scene that truly tested our platforming abilities.

Due to be released soon for PC and consoles, Shu is certainly a game to keep on your radar.

Were you at EGX this year? Let us know your highlights of the show by commenting below!

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