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Beers and BossKey at Kitsune Showcase

I was drinking tea, they were drinking beer, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

At first I was greeted by a man wearing a straw hat named “milkyfingers”, which running through my head a second time, is slightly unsettling. He was in fact, in charge of the stream I had tuned into in order to find out a little more about Lawbreakers: the new project being developed under Cliffy B’s new studio BossKey.

It was a surreal experience as I sipped my tea – it was late so coffee was not a viable option – and watched Cliffy B and co. swig their beers and chat about issues arising in the games industry. It was a nice change from watching a heavily-commercialised trailer or some heavily-scripted gameplay backed up by grating commentary. And it certainly proved to be a change, as they investigated a potentially evil organisation outside their building followed by chatter which suddenly came to a halt as Cliffy B mentioned “shaking babies”… thankfully it wasn’t as sinister as previously thought.

Once the random chatter dissolved, we were treated to some juicy new info on a character called Kitsune.

We were shown some first sketches which depicted Kitsune in a variety of forms. As a “business woman who is also prepared to fight”, Kitsune wishes to kill people alongside building her career, naturally. She’s an ultra-mobile assassin who wields two blades that are modelled on machetes. Originally she was shown wielding a katana but this was quickly scrapped as they didn’t want her falling under an over-used stereotype. Cliffy B commented on his decision to get rid of the katana by stating that he felt machetes were “f*cking evil looking”.

She means business

Watching Kitsune in action was gripping to say the least. She’ll suit someone who likes getting up in people’s faces and slashing them to bits; so pretty much all of us. With her dashing capabilities and a grappling hook, she can get anywhere in absolutely no time at all. What’s more, she’s also got a shotgun that can be charged up for an extra burst of suffering, and a flux grenade that acts as more of a disruptor than a damage dealer. Combo’ed with her ultimate ability which is entitled “Frenzy” you can go absolutely off the rails as highlighted enemies get hacked to bits whilst giving her more health to prolong the slaughter.

Some big community plays were shown from those who were lucky enough to go hands on with the game at PAX. I was blown away by the sheer number of interactions and options that were available to the player. One highlight for me was watching a guy rappel through a tower like structure, curve around a bend, before slashing someone in mid air. One clip showed a flux grenade being thrown behind a player to blow them towards Kitsune before they met their inevitable demise. According to the developers there are so many other things that are possible, which just adds more hype on top of my building excitement for the game.

Visually the game looks stunning, and it’s only pre-alpha. There’s no overly cartoony style here which tends to be the go-to option for developers who wish to appeal to a larger audience. Instead we have one of the most polished, clean looking free-to-play titles to look forward to.

Another quick thing I’d like to point out: the characters have clear purpose. Kitsune seemed to fit her “assassin” role by being agile and powerful, but also possessing clear weaknesses such as being quite fragile.

All in all, I was left very impressed by the gameplay footage and the deep dive into the thought processes behind Kitsune both visually and in-game. BossKey look like they have so much more to offer, and it’s certainly shaping up to be a great game for those of us who crave a mixture of FPS and MOBA.

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LawBreakers is set to release on PC in 2016 and will be free-to-play.

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