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Michel Ancel walks us through WiLD

Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman creator Michel Ancel revealed more gameplay footage of his new project developed by Wildsheep at the Sony Paris Games Week 2015 press conference.

WiLD, an expansive exploration game, takes us back to a time of loin cloths and sticks, evoking a memory of Far Cry Primal which was announced recently. You can possess animals to do your bidding such as rabbits, snakes and hawks. What’s more, you can even ride a grizzly bear into battle against cannibal tribes or other human enemies. Every creature in the game can be playable, from wolves to trout.

Deities can be called upon for aid, but you must prove yourself to them by completing certain challenges or carrying out a particular request. Ancel claims the game world is “the size of Europe”, with ever-changing environments, a dynamic weather and season pattern and endless opportunities to interact with your surroundings. WiLD aims to put the player in charge, allowing you to tackle the game however you see fit and explore at your own pace.

There’s no release date yet, but we expect to see more details of the game in the coming months. You can watch the WiLD gameplay trailer from Paris Games Week here:

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