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New Videos Detail the Creation of Fallout 4

We’re just one month away from the release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4. Soon we’ll be able to step into post-apocalyptic Boston and scour the wasteland for all sorts of deadly delights; maybe even a rad roach or two.

To make our longing for the game even stronger, Bethesda have released two videos which were originally recorded back at E3 that delve into the creation of the game.

The first video outlines the thought processes behind decisions that allowed them to move on from previous games and really craft something that was bigger and better in every way.

You can check out part 1 here:

The second video gives us an idea of the team’s efforts to create an even more immersive world, through a rigorous audition process that ended in the acquisition of the right voice actors for the job.

You can watch it here:

I can’t wait to crack open a bottle of Nuka-Cola again.

Fallout 4 releases on the 10th of November on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Preorder now from Amazon

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