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Umbrella Corps is more “Counter Strike” than Resident Evil

Capcom have recently given us five minutes of brand new gameplay footage of their new Resident Evil spin off Umbrella Corps.

In the video two squads from the development team compete against one another for supremacy in a 3 vs 3 One Life Match Mode. They only had 3 minutes to eliminate the opposition and as the name of the game-mode suggests, there are no respawns.

Going by the commentary, this is clearly a game targeting the eSports scene. Taking obvious inspiration from the growing success of Counter Strike Global Offensive, we have a similar setup here. There’s a huge emphasis on team play as both teams look for different openings on the map and aim to exploit them to their advantage. Often we’ll witness players sliding into tunnels or opening up a heavy shutter in their attempts to flank their opponents and gain the upper hand. This is one aspect of the game which aims to separate itself from CS:GO and say “Hey look, you can do this! You can’t do that in CS can you?”

As I witnessed the video for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel that I was watching the love child of Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears of War. The cover-based gunfights are synonymous with both titles, along with the interchangeable perspectives paying homage to Rainbow Six in particular. The map seems nicely decorated in a Resident Evil theme and also looks as if it has been well thought out in order to accommodate close skirmishes and strategy. In addition, each map contains a bunch of zombies which aren’t hostile to those who have their zombie jammers intact. Players can destroy these jammers and make their opponents worry about being shot, but also ripped to shreds by zombies.

It certainly looks interesting, but hardcore Resident Evil fans will be disappointed by the distinct lack of “Resident Evil-ness”. Essentially, Umbrella Corps is an attempt by Capcom to break into the eSports market by taking inspiration from the successful franchise. It’ll join the growing club of tactical team-based shooters that are in development, and ultimately aim to win competitive hearts and grasp viewers on Twitch.

Umbrella Corps is set for release sometime in 2016 on both PC and PlayStation 4. In the meantime we’ll keep an eye out for more news on the game in the months to follow.

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