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What’s Going On With Hellblade?

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So after a year, we’ve finally got an update on what is going on with one of the games to watch out for this coming year. Disguised as a fantasy, Hellblade is psychological-action game which has sparked excitement and given us all high hopes – especially after attending the developer’s talk a couple of weeks ago at EGX.

Hellblade was originally announced at Gamescom in August 2014, but we’ve heard little about it since. Finally, developer Dominic Matthews has updated us on what to expect with the fantasy-action title this coming year. Hellblade is what Matthews likes to call an “independent AAA” title, a space where games have all the creativity of an indie game with AAA development. This allows them to take creative risks and offer more diversity and creativity than on most big budget games on the market, whilst still having all of the quality and visual appeal of a blockbuster.

After witnessing Hellblade’s vertical slice at EGX 2015, Matthews stated that they are now moving on to the production phase; a process in which they will build the game and bring their concept to life. Using their own offices and DIY motion capture equipment – IKEA to the rescue – Ninja Theory has impressed yet again after stating they’d filmed the entire slice in their rockless, plantless board room. With a team of only 15 we can expect to see the game polished and ready for release in 2016 and if it pays off, maybe the name-brand games can learn a trick or two about budgeting: when hell freezes over.

Watch some early gameplay snippet of Hellblade in Ninja Theory’s official video below:

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