Epic Games teases “Paragon”

As I was browsing twitter, I saw a little post by Epic Games announcing a new game called Paragon. It’s Epic Games, this has to be good.


Uh, okay sure?


“Prepare for Victory” is instantly seared into your retinas after you click the link – I can still see it now if I close my eyes – and the message “Discover a new hero each week and earn unique in-game items” sits below it.

Clicking “Begin” takes you to a screen with five names: Twinblast, Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux. You are able to see what Twinblast looks like right now, however you’ll have to wait a week before you can see the next hero.

Naturally I had a look at Twinblast, which consisted of close ups, zoom ins and snippets of his character model. He reminds me a little of Adam Jensen from the latest instalments in the Deus Ex franchise, without the Matrix vibe; maybe it’s because he’s got two mechanical arms brandishing menacing looking handguns.

Besides their obvious attempt to show off some glossy new graphics and a strapping man looking for a gunfight, there isn’t much to go on at the moment so it’s difficult to get excited over Paragon. I expected a little more from Epicsince they’re responsible for some incredible games including Unreal and Gears of War, but perhaps we’ve got to wait it out and see with this one.

Visit the official site now and see for yourself.