Free Game Friday: The Bad Dream Series

Not only is Friday a day to celebrate the oncoming weekend, get a takeaway and go out for a couple of bevvies with your friends and family, for us here at GameSpew it’s time for #FreeGameFriday, or rather #FreeGamesFriday this time around. That’s right Spewers: it’s the best day of the week. A lot of you may have heard of this one already – I’d be surprised if you hadn’t – but it’s a personal favourite of mine. Yes, it’s the Bad Dream series – *insert cheers and whistles* – and it is something quite beautiful.

Similar to last week’s Deep Sleep, the Bad Dream series is more unsettling than white-knuckle-scary, though there were a few instances that really got me good. These simplistic point-and-click horrors seem tame on the outside, but they’re all teeth and claws within. Created by Polish developer Desert Fox, there are currently six in the series: Butcher, Graveyard, Hospital, Cyclops, Memories and Bridge. The seventh in the series, Coma, is currently in development and should hopefully be available sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

The reason for my “killing six birds with one stone” approach to this week’s post is because once you play one you’ll want to play them all, trust me. With a well-imagined concept and a beautiful sketched-on-parchment art style, Bad Dream manages to take something so mild and twist it into this creepy, maniacal experience which doesn’t quite frighten the pants off you but will leave you with your hairs on end. Despite it running at 20 minutes (initially) per game, and after chugging through a bit of a slow start, what I love about it is that you can go back and try it again – usually with more success than the first one – i.e. in Butcher if you play your cards right you might keep all of your fingers; then again, you might not.

This is certainly not a series to be missed; never mind its simplistic appearance, the Bad Dream series is a clever set of indie games with a bit of a twist.  Give it a download, play the game and leave us a comment while you’re at it. Until next week folks.

Click here to download the Bad Dream series absolutely free from GameJolt