Free Game Friday: Deep Sleep

Given this Friday’s spoooooky date let’s celebrate #FreeGameFriday with a spoooooky game!

This week’s choice is Deep Sleep, a point-and-click adventure game by Polish game designer Scriptwelder. What you’ll love about this week’s game is that, on top of it being free, there are no downloads necessary – that’s right folks: it’s a free browser game. Just load up the webpage and prepare yourself for some heebie-jeebies.

In Deep Sleep you’re experiencing a lot of people’s worst fear. You’re a researcher trapped inside a self-created dream world in order to explore the concept of lucid dreams. Instead of being stuck in a land filled with chocolate rivers and bubblegum houses (which would actually still be my idea of a bad dream, ugh, so sticky) your dream soon turns nightmarish and you have to wake up. To progress in the game you must acquire items to aid your escape, such as keys, batteries, etc. and find a way out of the house. The only problem is that lurking close by are shadowy figures who will restrict your progress and try and keep you from your freedom.

A lot of people won’t necessarily find this game to be “scary” and I wouldn’t dare list it under that category, but I would happily call it unsettling. From the moment the walls melt away in the first scene to when you pick up the phone receiver and are told to “wake up” by a whisper on the other end, the whole thing just made me a little bit cold.

So give it a go if you’ve got an hour to spare and if you like it, it has two sequels: Deeper Sleep and Deepest Sleep – but I’ll save those for another #FreeGameFriday. If you give Deep Sleep a go, let us know how you got on in the comments below, we’d love to hear your views.

Until next week folks.

Deep Sleep can be played free on the Armor Games website by clicking here!