Life Is Strange Limited Edition Announced

With season 1 of Life Is Strange finally complete, it’s unsurprising that a physical release has been announced for 22 January 2016 (or the 19th if you’re in America).

As befitting for such an impressive game, it’s not going to be a simple “shove the episodes on a disc and be done with it” kind of release though, no. Instead, SquareEnix and DontNod have created a fantastic limited edition release for us all to salivate over until it arrives.

Containing a 32 page artbook with concept art never before seen, a CD soundtrack featuring all the licensed tracks in the game plus the original score, director’s commentary, and of course, a disc containing all episodes of the game, the Life Is Strange Limited Edition is a very desirable package indeed.


Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing as yet, but as it’s just over two months away I’m sure retailers will have it up for preorder soon. Until then, feast your eyes with a lovely picture of the Life Is Strange Limited Edition package below. Oh, and you want to see a full tracklisting of the soundtrack CD, you can view it on the Square Enix blog.

Life is Strange Ltd