New Patch Brings More to Bloodborne

bloodborne ps4

The Old Hunters DLC will be released on 24 November, bringing a ton of new content and improvements. But there’s also a new patch being released in the near future that adds some brand new content for everyone to enjoy.

“The League” is a band of hunters led by a rather strapping looking gentleman brandishing a cane and bucket helmet. If you choose to join the league you’ll be able to assist other players online and compete in The League’s leaderboard.

bloodborne patch 2


In addition, players will be able to obtain The League Cane and summon NPCs to help you tackle some tough encounters.

Sony also provided a glimpse at one of many new weapons available to those who purchase The Old Hunters expansion. It’s entitled “The Moonlight Greatsword” which may be extremely familiar to fans of Dark Souls.

bloodborne patch 3

If you pre-order The Old Hunters before 24 November 24 you’ll get an exclusive PS4 theme, and for the Bloodborne fanatics who have earned – or are grinding their way towards –  their platinum trophy, Sony will be sending out codes in the future to hand out exclusive PS4 themes to honour your dedication.

Keep an eye on here or over on the PlayStation Blog for updates regarding Bloodborne.