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PS4 Backwards Compatibility is Coming, Says Sony

Hot off the back of Microsoft’s recent update to Xbox One that allows users to play over 100 of their Xbox 360 games, it’s come to light that Sony has been hiding something very similar up their sleeves for a while.

PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility.

That’s right, it seems that your PlayStation 4 can play PS2 games. The news was leaked by early players of this week’s new Star Wars Battlefront release: the PS4 version comes with bonus content of four older Star Wars games, originally on PS2. It had been generally assumed that these titles were remastered ports of the originals, created especially for the new game, but on playing them, it seems that they actually emulate a PlayStation 2 environment.

With lots of speculation flying around the internet, Sony have responded with confirmation that they are working on PlayStation 2 emulation.

PS4 backwards compatibility 2-min

In correspondence with WIRED, a Sony representative has said:

“We are working on utilising PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation. We have nothing further to comment at this point in time.”

So that’s that. PS4 backwards compatibility is coming, in the form of PS2 games, but exactly when or how remains to be unseen. Whether this development will allow for true backwards compatibility – i.e. pop a PS2 disc into your drive and away you go – or if Sony will release a selection of games via digital download remains to be seen, but we are still very excited about the prospect of getting to replay some of those classic PlayStation 2 titles again.

Of course, PS2 emulation isn’t quite as big news as PS4 backwards compatibility with PS3 games would be, but it’s already common knowledge that the complex infrastructure of the PlayStation 3 means this will remain highly unlikely. Still, there’s plenty of golden oldie PS2 titles we can get excited at the prospect of playing again. The original Burnout titles, anyone? Gran Turismo 3BlackGuitaroo Man?

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on more updates from Sony, but until then we’ll be lost in daydream about what PlayStation 2 titles we may get to play again…

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