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“The Following” DLC Set To Increase Dying Light’s Season Pass Price

If you own a copy of Techland’s brilliant Dying Light and was overjoyed with the announcement of its expansion DLC, The Following, then you may want to seriously consider picking up its season pass right now.

Unveiled by a statement issued by the developer, The Following DLC has turned out to be so big that they’ve had to make the unprecedented move of increasing its price, and also that of the season pass which will include it. Said to have a map that is roughly the same size as the original game, Dying Light’s The Following expansion will now be available for £15.99 upon release, up from £9.99, and the season pass will see its price increased by £8, taking its original price of £15.99 up to £23.99.

With no release date yet announced for the expansion – although it is said to be in the “polishing period” – if you intend to pick it up at launch your best bet is to buy the season pass before 8 December, as that is the day that the price increase will take effect.

So, you’ve got less than two weeks to decide if you want to capitalise on getting more bang for your buck in one of the best games of the year. Like the zombies that inhabit it, it’s a bit of a no-brainer really.

If you’re yet to play Dying Light, you can buy it now from Amazon

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