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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games We Want To Play On Xbox One

Once believed to be merely a pipe dream, the Xbox One’s newest update has finally enabled what many may consider as the Holy Grail of console gaming: backwards compatibility.

All of a sudden, the Xbox One has boosted its ever-growing library with a list of over 100 Xbox 360 games, but we want more. With a vast catalogue of games available, we’ve selected our Top 10 Xbox 360 games we want to play on Xbox One the most.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for any of them…

10. Amped 3

Xbox 360 -Amped 3-min

You know what the current generation of console is really missing? A snowboarding game. But with backwards compatibility there’s no reason why a few of them shouldn’t eventually be available on Xbox One.

Amped 3 is probably the best of them, thanks to its fun gameplay, crazy humour and massive career mode. Not to mention its plentiful customisation options.

Come on 2K Games, don’t make us wait too long for this gem to be compatible!


9. Ridge Racer 6

Xbox 360 - Ridge Racer 6-min

Released at the launch of the Xbox 360, Ridge Racer 6 remains one of the best releases in the series to date.

Featuring a lengthy campaign for you to tackle with some seriously fiendish races as well as a robust online mode, Ridge Racer 6 provides hours of arcade racing fun – most of it while you’re sideways.

With no new Ridge Racer titles on the horizon, we’d happily make do with being able to play this on our Xbox Ones.

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