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Wife Lessons With Diggy: Saints Row IV

How could anyone not like the action packed and utterly crazy world of Saints Row? What’s not to love about attacking people with weaponised dildos, riding the “Armchairmageddon” and generally causing the most ridiculous chaos you could possibly imagine? Surely everyone loves that, right?

Apparently not.

Not Jenna, anyway. And in the spirit of Wife Lessons with Diggy, he’s making his poor wife sit through this “mindless and pointless” game whilst it “attacks her senses”.

Get comfortable and join Diggy and Jenna for the the first half of her first ever playthrough of Saints Row IV. We’re sure it’s going to be hilarious. Maybe not for Jenna, but it will be for us.

Sorry, Jenna.

Wife Lessons with Diggy is a weekly video series published every Monday where Diggy ropes his wife Jenna into playing a game that she REALLY doesn’t want to play. Be sure to check back next week for the next part of Saints Row IV!

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