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12 Minutes of Mafia 3 Gameplay

Mafia 3

As an ex Vietnam vet, Lincoln struts around like a real hard-nut. He’s enormous and towers above everyone, leading me to believe that it’s actually Marcus Fenix from Gears of War who’s really struggling to settle into everyday life.

Mafia 3 looks pretty decent may I add: the protagonist being able to shoot people efficiently, drive dangerously and deftly move into cover. Mafia 2 received a great reception thanks to its engaging storyline and authentic depiction of tommy guns and pin-stripe suits. Of course, this could be the same here, but I’m just a little worried it may have borrowed too much inspiration from Grand Theft Auto, aiming to create an expansive open world that could ultimately rob it of character.

Talking of character, Lincoln seems a little like an excuse for a blank slate to move forward with the series, but his background is mentioned briefly. Perhaps there’s more to him than just his hulking frame and oddly straight armed gun-toting.

From the looks of things overall though, the world of Mafia 3 does seem to have some personality and vibrancy. It doesn’t look like it’ll resemble a disappointing packet of crisps, the kind you squeeze and you know there’s more air than crisp. What I’m trying to say in a very convoluted fashion is – there’s some substance there.

*Just Cause 3 weeps quietly in the background*

Mafia 3 looks to expand on its open world structure, only time will tell if it can truly pull it off. Check out the walkthrough here:

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