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Dark Souls 3 Brand New Trailer and More

Dark Souls 3

In a brand new trailer for Dark Souls 3 a pre-order bonus emerged along with a confirmed release date – 12 April 2016.

Get your diaries out: 12 April 2016 has now been marked as Dark Souls 3 day. I’ll be wearing a bucket on my head in ode to Solaire, the lights will be switched off, I’ll create a bonfire in my room and sleep next to it in order to rest and pin motivational quotes to every available surface.

Dark Souls 3 Apocalypse Edition

Only available as a pre-order purchase from Game, Dark Souls fans will get a a copy of the game along with an original soundtrack and a sleek looking metal case to house them in.

Dark Souls 3 Collector’s Edition and Prestige Edition

Whilst not mentioned in the trailer, I thought I’d throw in some must-have details for true die-hard fans of Dark Souls like myself: I wrote an article a while back covering the contents of both the editions so just click here to know what juicy items you’ll be acquiring.

In terms of retailers, Bandai Namco UK have stated that the Collector’s Edition will only be available for pre-order at selected retailers which haven’t been confirmed as of yet. Make sure to follow this Twitter to keep up to date on the news.

The Prestige Edition will be available for preorder at a later date specifically from Amazon UK.

Embrace the Darkness

The new trailer doesn’t show us anything new gameplay-wise (if you’ve been keeping up with gameplay from the network stress tests) and it’s certainly geared towards our TV screens. It’s action packed and showcases Dark Souls 3 in a tantalising light for those who haven’t experienced a different kind of suffering.

Check out the brand new trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XP0nyLz6Y8

Just as a very quick sidenote, please do check out this video as it’s a great insight into the Dark Souls 3 network tests and gleans as much analysis as possible from the limited content that was offered to players. His other videos are exceptional for Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans; I’d even go so far as to say they’re essential to grasping and engaging with the lore. And of course stay tuned over here at GameSpew, as we’ll make sure you’re up to date with everything Souls.

Dark Souls III is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 12 April 2016. Pre-order your copy now at Amazon

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