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PSX 2015: Killing Floor 2 Coming to PS4

Killing Floor 2 PS4

Good news for PS4 owners who want to face wave after wave of horrific enemies: Killing Floor 2 is coming to PlayStation 4.

Killing Floor 2 is only on PC in Early Access at the moment, but it’ll be coming to PS4 in the near future. To sum up the game in a very basic manner: shooter, waves of enemies, satisfying guns, upgrades, cool maps, cool characters and a G.O.R.E system, meaning blood… so much blood. The very fact it’s got a dedicated system for blood and guts is a reason to give this game a go.

It’s also a blast with friends – perfect for some couch co-op with your buddies.

Here’s all the info you need on Tripwire Interactive’s bloody shooter:

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