Our Steam Winter Sale picks!

There’s a tremendous sale happening over on Steam at the moment, and it’s your chance to go and grab that game you’ve always wanted at a huge discount! The store is struggling under the weight of cheapskates and bargain hunters so it might be a little while before you can utter, “Credit card – engage”.

Whilst you wait for Error 503 to disappear, let me fill you in on some cracking gaming deals…

Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain – £30.81

Grand Theft Auto V – £23.99

Just Cause 3 – £31.99

Rocket League – £10.49

Kerbal Space Program – £17.99

Undertale – £5.59

CS:GO – £5.99

Witcher 3 – £24.99

Spelunky – £2.49

Gone Home – £4.49

Terraria – £2.37

Civilization V – £4.99

Darkest Dungeon – £7.49

Life is Strange – £1.99

Pillars of Eternity – £13.99

I’ve tried to pick out a few good deals for you, but here’s a link to the Steam store where you can be gloriously swept along in the current of discounts.

The sale ends 4  January PST. Happy buying!