Creators of Terraria and Pixel Piracy Announce New Game: Pixel Privateers

Imagine Terraria, in space. Now imagine Pixel Piracy, in space. Combine the two and you’ve already got a good idea of what Pixel Privateers has to offer.

Developed by QuadroDelta, Pixel Piracy was a 2D squad-based RPG centred on growing your naval band of pixel pirates, sailing the seven seas in your customisable pirate ship, with all of this taking place in a sandbox world. Your main aim was to become powerful enough to hunt down the four legendary pirates and if you haven’t played it, it sounds great right? Well it wasn’t quite the roaring success that Terraria was. You could say that Pixel Privateers is the result of both developers inserting 50p (probably a lot more) for a retry.

“We know that Pixel Piracy was more of a cult title that had a mixed reaction from everyone. Having worked far more closely with the QD team this time and seeing what came out at the end, we are confident that Pixel Privateers will have broader appeal and keep a lot of folks entertained for quite some time!”


The developers over at Re-Logic obviously decided to take their friends over at QuadroDelta and steer them through the process with a firmer grip on the wheel this time around. From initial impressions it looks remarkably like Terraria and Pixel Piracy combined, and that’s no surprise considering this seems to be an attempt to gloss over Pixel Piracy with a 2D tactical RPG that delivers more of what Terraria’s fans wanted; endless swathes of loot, the ability to play with friends, an enormous world that’ll constantly play on your curiosity and a sprinkle of Re-Logic magic. They even call it a ‘Loot ’em Up’, so they’ve already got my attention.


You’re a team of mercenaries that are sent on a mission to collect some technology for an employer. Naturally you jump into a wormhole and before you know it, you’re suddenly on a journey with a one way ticket. With a “galaxy of worlds to explore, factions to encounter, and epic gear to collect”, it’s up to you to determine your own story.

Interesting Details

  • They’ve stated that it’s going to be an “accessible rogue-like gaming experience that will appeal to gamers of all types and skill levels.”
  • In order to avoid inventory clutter there’s an “innovative loot highlighting system” that allows you to choose what you want to pick up and take back to your ship. I wonder how this actually works and if it’ll be a great feature or a largely ignored one.
  • You can customise your ship and choose to land on any planet you choose. However they’ve said that some planets might be a little challenging, implying that you’ll arrive and meet instant slaughter. This suggests that planets won’t scale and considering this is a rogue-like, you’ll probably have to work to meet the requirements of certain planets you’ve scarpered from in the past or find ways of surviving some sticky situations.
  •  “Learn the history of various factions and their place in the universe, and become part of the intrigue yourself. Where do your loyalties lie? What part will you play?” This suggests that we’ll be able to interact with certain factions we discover on our adventures, potentially hinting at quests that establish loyalties which could lead to awesome exclusive loot. However it could lead to a world of other consequences and exciting possibilities. It’s a system that would make the player/players question decisions they’re making and actually think about the universe they’re exploring, rather than reducing every planet to rubble through their insatiable desire for more powerful loot.
  • And it goes without saying that practically everything will be customisable with the gear you’ve gathered: most notably mercenaries and your space ship.

Pixel Privateers is set to release later this year. Learn more about Pixel Privateers here.