Destiny Gets the Love Bug with “Crimson Days” Update

Yesterday, in their first weekly update since late December, Bungie finally gave Destiny fans a glimpse at the future of the game – a future that’s wearing heart-patterned pants.

This February Destiny will be joining all of the other MMOs that help gamers remember that it’s Valentines Day with their “Crimson Days” event. The event will run for a week from February 9th and will introduce, amongst other fixes and updates, some new PvP action.

Players noticed Bungie devs playing a new Crucible mode called “Crimson Doubles” in-game last week and it seems as though this new 2v2 mode will be wending its way to players during the Valentines week event. Bungie haven’t released all of the details yet but community manager, DeeJ, said in his update that:


“[Crimson Doubles] features a special twist, born of new gameplay and mechanics that only battle-tested star-crossed lovers will appreciate. You’ll need a dancing partner – preferably one that compliments your fighting style. The two of you will have a chance to earn some “sweet” loot together in the Crucible. To receive your gifts, you’ll have to put your differences aside and fight well as a couple.”

Also included in the update was a smattering of information about next week’s Iron Banner event, which will see players competing in the Rift game mode for the first time.

DeeJ also gave the barest hint about what else might be coming in 2016:

“Very soon, we’ll have more to share about a second, larger game update that will arrive sometime after February. There are more stories about 2016 that remain to be told, and you’ll learn more as soon as I get my own anxious hands on the full and final details.”

More details about the Valentines week event will be released with next week’s update.

Do you think that a week-long Valentines-y event with a new Crucible mode is enough to bring people back to Destiny? Tell us what you think the comments section.